Letters to the Editor

Readers react to election winners and losers: Bevin, Beshear, Trump, WKYT and more

‘Bitterly disappointed’

Well, Herald-Leader, you got what you wanted. Baby Beshear rode the coattails just the way Gov. Stevie planned all along.

We are bitterly disappointed, of course. The county-by-county map looked like a micro of the national maps, with those deep blue holes around the cities. Maybe we work harder in urban areas next time.

But there is a silver lining. We’ve now have an attorney general who’s committed to high standards and the rule of law, and we maintained the super-majority in the legislature. Those safeguards will serve as an effective bulwark to the backsliding Andy Beshear has planned for Kentucky.

We’re also counting on the attorney general and legislature to protect the taxpayers from the consequences of all the Andy Candy that was promised during the campaign. Not that there’s any money to pay for it, but still…

Debi Carey, Lexington

Stivers off base

On Tuesday night, Kentucky Senate President Robert Stivers tried to make the case for canceling the election results. Why, if only the Libertarian gubernatorial candidate, John Hicks, had not been in the race, Gov. Matt Bevin would have won, Stivers claimed. Stivers, clearly clairvoyant, claims that these voters would surely have gone with Bevin, ignoring the other options of staying home or holding their noses and voting for Attorney General Andy Beshear in order to boot Bevin.

Here’s a parallel: Most of Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein’s votes would probably have gone to Hillary Clinton, denying Donald Trump the White House. By your logic, Senator Stivers, we should have sworn in Hillary Clinton in January 2017. Do you really want to make this argument?

Ivonne Rovira, Louisville

Martin County the loser

“Silly season” is near its end. A year of debate about abortion, gun rights, and pensions will soon meet its end. As I write this, the results of the gubernatorial election are too close to call and constitutional provisions could change it all anyway. Uncertainty abounds. But one thing is certain: Martin County lost.

The water issues of Eastern Kentucky were drowned out by the topics that divide us. Neither candidate spoke at any significant length about the third-world conditions faced by Eastern Kentuckians. I urge our next governor, and leaders at all levels, to unite Kentucky around clean water for every Kentuckian. Nothing is more important.

Mitchum Addison Whitaker, Whitesburg

Character wins vote

I’m 70 years old and have voted in every state and national election since 1968, with one exception. In most elections I cast my ballot for the candidate who reflected my political and social ideology. In this past Tuesday’s statewide election, I departed from my longstanding custom; instead I inked the box beside the candidates who seemed to me to possess the most integrity, regardless of their ideology. After seven decades of exercising my right as an American citizen, I’m finally realizing that having men and women of good moral character in office is more important than how high the stock market climbs or how few taxes we pay.

Jim Belcher, Wilmore

Move along, Bevin

Ex-Gov. Matt Bevin lost not because of some phantom “irregularities”, but in spite of his. Oh, and the fact that he’s a loud-mouthed, arrogant, sneering, smarmy jackass had a lot to do with it, too. Now: get over it, get used to it, and get out of the governor’s mansion. Preferably, out of the state as well.

Wayne Adams, Lexington

Kentucky pride

I have Kentucky blood running in these old veins, dating back to a long line of Kentucky Stuarts. I was never prouder of that Kentucky heritage than following the recent election for governor. I have been watching as President Donald Trump and his spokespeople like Senators Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul, and most of all Sen. Lindsey Graham have blatantly lied to the American public. A small part of Trump’s base still believes these people as they lie, spin and twist the truth to shield Trump from obvious crimes and misdeeds. I have watched them support him when he “trashes” true American patriots like Sen. John McCain and Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman, while praising our enemies like Russian President Vladimir Putin. Trump has attempted to trash our democracy starting with the free press, then working through the Department of Justice, the State Department, the Republican Senate (which has virtually become his press office), the Transportation Department, Veteran’s Administration, and the Constitution itself. Kentuckians put America first by their vote. Unfortunately, two prominent Kentuckians, McConnell and Paul, put themselves before America. Thank you, Kentucky. You renewed my faith in common people like me, an old Army retiree, who, like you, can still recognize loud, fast.

Lt. Col. (retired) James Stuart Emery, Valrico, Florida

Paul blundered

What Sen. Rand Paul said in Lexington Monday night standing next to the president of the United States should sound the death knell for the Republican junior senator next time he runs for office.

Addressing a packed arena, Paul claimed that he knows the identity of the whistleblower whose complaint is at the center of the impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump. Then, Paul delivered a pointed message to the media.

“Do your job and print his name!” the senator yelled, prompting the crowd to raucously chant, “Do your job!”

People who call their local police departments on anonymous tip lines may well reconsider doing their civic duty to report suspected drug houses if they believe their identity will be “printed” in the news papers. Fear of retaliation is real when ratting out heroin dealers and cartel-supported criminal syndicates.

Paul is ushering in a reign of terror by abusing his high-profile position.

Jamie Kirven, Lexington

WKYT and Trump rally

Regarding WKYT’s airing of the Trump rally, some thoughts. This was done as a “news story” yet the other stations also covered it with clips and studio reports later. Given that Fox was airing this live, the need for WKYT to do so seems redundant. Anybody without cable or satellite could go to a friend’s house or attend the rally. Andy Beshear was given “equal time” — however a brief statement is in no way “equal” to the president spending two hours ginning up a partisan crowd the night before an election. WKYT, who aired this live, also had the only sit-down interview with the president. I wonder if this interview was granted in exchange for agreeing to air this live — a quid pro quo. Finally, WKYT has a business relationship with WDKY, the Fox affiliate. A number of their on-air personnel appear on WDKY. WDKY is owned by the Sinclair Group which is considered one of the most conservative right wing media companies in America.

Jay Hopkins, Frankfort